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Curriculum areas

The curriculum of East Marden is comprehensive, rigorous and carefully managed so as to meet the academic, social, emotional and behavioural needs of the students. The current SA curriculum contains 8 areas - English, Mathematics, Studies of Society and Environment, Science, Design and Technology, Health and PE, Languages other than English and the Arts.

In the interim, we will continue to use the SACSA for other curriculum areas until the Australian curriculum is fully implemented.

A whole school approach to Curriculum delivery

A feature of our whole school approach to curriculum delivery is the explicit teaching of literacy and numeracy. We have developed a Maths learning continuum and a Grammar and Formalities continuum so that there is a consistent and clearly defined expectation base in these areas across Reception to Year 7. A Genre, Reading and Spelling continuum is also included so that all the forms of writing and reading are covered. A school assessment map in literacy enables us to collect data and analyse student learning needs.